Friday, July 8, 2011

Importance of Blogging to E-Commerce

Since the introduction of blogging in the internet world, many companies began incorporating blogs to their official sites or online stores. These companies realized the importance of blogging to customer engagement, brand awareness, and overall marketing strategy. E-commerce or online stores are the first to join the bandwagon for blogging. They admit that their sites showcasing their products or services tend to be boring. Visitors can only see product pictures, features, prices, availability, etc. They rarely see tips and tutorials on how to use the products and maximize their full value. In order to educate their consumers, online stores like TonerGreen started a blog that provides informative posts, tips, and tutorials.

Besides educating consumers about the company products, there are other valuable uses of blogs. In terms of search engine optimization, search engines tend to love crawling blogs that are updated regularly. With new fresh content posted regularly, blogs are indexed faster. There are times that a blog post rank higher than the online store for a particular keyword. This happens because blog posts are rich in keywords and information compared to the main e-commerce store. Think about the sale that can be produced if a high ranking blog post promotes a particular product of yours. If you link your main site or specific product of your store in your posts, overall traffic can grow over time. Even if the visitor does not buy at first visit to the store, there is a big chance that he will come back to buy and learn more about your products and offerings. In this case, your blog served as a lead generator.

If you have seasonal promotions, your official blog can be one of the best channels to announce them besides the traditional email marketing or paid advertising. If you're blog has a huge following or subscribers, there is no reason why you shouldn't blog about your latest promotions. When announcing the promo to your Facebook, Twitter, or Digg followers, it is a good practice to drive them first in your blog post about the promo. The blog serves as a pre-sell to the products you promote. Most online marketers claim that pre-selling can increase conversion.

With the tips and tutorials that your blog provide, more and more online users and potential customers will find you. For example, an impressive and useful blog post about installing Brother DR350 drum or refilling an HP CE278a toner cartridge can make a visitor to learn more about your company and your services or products. This visitor may turn into a loyal customer of you for many years to come so long that you provide high quality products and excellent customer service to him.

A blog can also be an excellent channel for your customers to communicate with you. Blogs give visitors the capability to post comments and questions. Some customers are more comfortable posting blog comments than sending emails and calling customer service. Don't neglect these types of customers; who knows, they might be your loyal customers or buyers. When your customers post feedback on your blog, use them to improve your products or service.

If your company or online store has no blog yet, it's about time to make one. A blog that is updated regularly will open a lot of doors for new customers, sales, and other online opportunities to grow your business.

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