Friday, April 27, 2012

iPad Giveaway Contest - Share Your Printing Horror Story

The Prize

Tonergreen is Giving away a free iPad and DODOcase bundle!

The Task

We're asking you to share a story, or experience, about a time when you encountered extreme difficulty while printing. The more extreme, the better, we're asking you to share a printing nightmare! Maybe you had an important 10 page paper due and your printer decided to run out of ink. Or perhaps you had an important quarterly report to present to the company partners and your printer blows up. Whatever horror story you have, we want to hear it!

The Goal

The goal is to write a compelling story that will be selected as a top 10 finalist. A secondary goal is to help us hit at least 1000 likes before the contest can be concluded.

The Process

Step 1. Contest Entry - Open entry to all eligible entrants (See terms & conditions below to see if you are eligible) Enter at our Facebook Page.
Step 2. Screening and Selection - A panel of judges here at TonerGreen will select the 10 best entries.
Step 3. Posting and Voting - The top 10 stories will be posted on our Facebook page for all to see. Vote for your favorite!. And of course be sure to tell your friends and family!
Step 4. Closing the Polls - After the voting period, the likes will be counted. Any likes after the cut-off period will not be counted.
Step 5. Notification and Announcement - The winner of the contest will be contacted and will be announced once again on our Facebook page. Remember, in order for the prize to be released, we must hit our secondary goal of 1000 likes on our Facebook page!

The Schedule

Week 1-3 - Contest Entry
Week 4 - Screening and Selection
Week 5-6 - Posting and Voting
Week 7 - Closing the Polls / Notification and Announcement

Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary. This contest is open for all eligible participants. To be eligible, participants must be over the age of 18 and reside within the United States. Tonergreen reserves the right to end, amend or postpone the contest at any time without notice. All entries become property of Tonergreen and can be displayed for promotional purposes. Tonergreen will not reveal or distribute any personal information to any third party. Names and hometowns of participants may be displayed for the purpose of the contest. E-mail addresses will be used for notification purposes only. In order for contest to become active, the Tonergreen Facebook page must reach a minimum of 1000 "likes". Any sign of foul play or fraudulent, generated votes or likes is grounds for disqualification from this contest.

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