Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amazing Recycled Printer Cartridges Structures

Recycling is one thing, we've talked about it many times in this blog, but recycling with creativity is another. Let's admit it, most of us think of recycling us a waste of time, it needs effort and most of us are so busy we don't even have the time to enjoy other activities. But perhaps this post may make you re-consider those thoughts about recycling. Most printer users want to contribute to our environment often send their empty cartridges back to OEM manufacturers or remanufacturers, but some people are just blessed with artistry enough to make replicas out of used printer cartridges.

One of them is Faith Pearson. Yes, she didn't put those empty cartridges to the trash or to the nearest printer consumables shop for their recycling program because when an ink company asked her to create something unique and amazing out of their empty ink cartridges. Look at her artistic sci-fi masterpieces:

Here's a printer cartridge depiction of a futuristic hallway of a spaceship probably an inspiration from Star Trek or Star Wars. The printer cartridges looked great with the reflected bluish-techie light effect and the robotic soldier.

From a Spaceship to the sci-fi monster named Godzilla. Yes, how did this gigantic lizard made its way here? Oh well, but look how it destroys those buildings made from printer cartridges with its wrath and power.

And if the Big Lizard isn't enough, here comes another monster, King Kong in the depiction of the famous Empire State Scene in the movie with the famous building built from printer cartridges.

How about some Marvel Comic supers and villains getting cozy on a movie theatre made up of empty black and tri-color HP inkjet cartridges. I wonder what they were watching. It seems like Spiderman is a big fan of it, having the seats in the first row all by himself. And look at our Batman villains talking at the back; are they planning some evil scheme? If that's the case, well, I hope they wouldn't ignore the big green giant Hulk sitting near them, probably eavesdropping too.

Amazing, right?

Sources: Bit Rebels

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