Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Install Lexmark T650 Toner Cartridge Chip

If you own a Lexmark laser printer, have you ever experience a moment especially the first time you installed a new compatible toner cartridge to the printer and it didn't recognize it? If it did and already geared up to call the retailer and complain about the defunct toner cartridge, you better hold your horses and figure out if the problem really lies on the toner cartridge because there's a big chance that its not.

You see, Lexmark printers has a smart chip installed in them.These smart chips is what detects the level of ink or toner on your printer cartridges, these electronic chips are also responsible for sending notifications to your computer to inform you and show a pop-up message on your screen that your Lexmark toner cartridge is about to ran out. However, there are times that even though you already replace the empty cartridge with a new one, the smart chip fails to recognize this or the smart chip itself has been damaged thus you must resort in installing a new smart chip for your Lexmark laser printer.
Here are the steps on how to install Lexmark T650 toner cartridge smart chip for Lexmark printers T650DN, T650DTN, T650N, T652DN, T652DTN, T652N, T654DN, T654DTN, T654N and T656DNE:

  1. Before installing your new chip, you'll need a screwdiver and a pair of latex gloves to avoid the oil from getting on your skin or the new smart chip.
  2. In the side of the T650 toner cartridge is where the smart chip is located, carefully screw to get the old green smart chip and place the new one properly then screw it to hold the chip in place.
  3. After it is done, you can now place back your toner cartridge to your Lexmark printer and check out the level of its ink. You can also test printouts to make sure there's nothing wrong with it.
Here's a video on "Installing Your Lexmark T650 Toner Cartridge Chip" brought to you, of course, by TonerGreen:

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