Friday, September 21, 2012

MSE Announces the Release of their Replacement Cartridges for HP CP5525 Color Printer

Micro Solutions Enterprise more popularly known as MSE is a global manufacturer of Intelligently-Re-engineered toner cartridges, making them one of the leaders in patented technologies of superior-quality aftermarket toner cartridges.

Last September 18, MSE announced the release of Intelligently Re-Engineered Replacement Cartridges for the CP5525 color laser printer series, the CE270A-CE273A toner cartridges. It features MSE Advanced Color Technologies (ACT) which alleviates further with its revolutionary Secondary Cleaning System, that addressed all the downfall cartridge issues of streaking, leaking or fuser wrapping with full bleed prints.

MSE Secondary Cleaning System keeps the OPC and PCR of the toner cartridges free from any toner built-ups throughout the cartridge life to avoid any printing problems. The Micro Solutions Enterprise SCS has already been proven at the World Expo and the response was overwhelming since it solves the pitfalls of cartridge problems, making MSE Intelligently-Re-engineered toner cartridges of high-quality.
“The SCS is not just helpful in these new applications, we look at it as necessary,” says Yoel Wazana, President, MSE. “We have even seen toner additives build up in OEM benchmarking that improves after installing our SCS.”

Wazana also added, “We have addressed fuser-wrapping problems with custom, co-developed raw materials that allow for the borderless printing common in A3 applications. With the 5525, the challenge with buildup is even more critical because of the 13,000-page cartridge life. In any color application over 8000 pages, SCS is a must. ”

MSE CP5525 color laser printer toner cartridge set is consisted of CE270A black toner cartridge, CE271A cyan toner cartridge, CE272A yellow toner cartridge and CE273A magenta toner cartridge.The MSE Intelligently Re-Engineered replacement cartridges for HP CP5525 Color Printer (CE270A-CE273A) are available in new brand or generic packaging.

According to MSE, "ACT is not only a suite of patented technologies; it is a comprehensive approach that includes the customized co-development of matching critical cartridge components." is a trusted retailer of MSE HP Intelligently-Re-engineered toner cartridges. TonerGreen helps you cut down your HP printer supply costs by offering MSE Intelligently Re-Engineered laser printer toner cartridges compatible with HP printer models.

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