Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Print Brush - The Smallest Printer in the World

The PrintBrush developed by PrintDreams
2012 is the year where gadgets and computing devices battled for being the smallest and thinnest, you can clearly notice that from our mobile phones these days such as the famous iPhone5s that was released yesterday. Reviews every way already noted it as the "thinnest", "fastest" and "lightest" mobile phone. But that doesn't apply only to mobile computing devices, because now a new handheld printing device will soon conquer the market--the Print Brush.

The Print Brush™ 4x6 is developed by PrintDreams, a printer company based in London. It's designed as a pocket-size inkjet printer and digital camera in one. It features PrintDreams RMPT™ Full technology that allows it users to print in color onto any surface. The Print Brush™ works easily by simply taking a picture, holding the device in your hand and sweep it back and forth like a brush to any flat surface, then viola, it prints your image. It uses Phillip's Laser Dopple Navigation technology and Lexmark's InkJet technology and advanced Lexmark ink cartridges.

Print Brush™ 4x6 key features include:
  • RMPT Full technology 
  • 5M pixel digital camera 
  • Lexmark ink jet print head 600 dpi 
  • Philips Laser Doppler Navigation Technology  
  • 6 x 4” full color printouts 
  • µSD Memory Card slot 
  • USB 2.0 Interface (Micro USB) 
  • Color LCD 1.4”TFT display
This is how PrintDreams described their latest technology the PrintBrush™ 4x6 as "a printer and a camera all in one. Small enough to slip into your pocket, it glides over most surfaces, printing as it sweeps, using its advanced Random Movement Printing Technology."

"It can print content from your PC or images snapped with the built-in camera. Print onto photo paper, office paper, cardboard, fabric, even walls!  It is is the first of a whole new generation of printers built around PrintDreams´ revolutionary RMPT technology."

Amazing isn't it? All you have to do is click to shoot, swipe and print. With such device being invented and developed, what more can we expect from the coming printing technologies of the 21st century?

Here's a video of showing how amazing the PrintBrush™ 4x6 works:


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