Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Most Uncanny, Weird Printers

Printers have always been a part of our daily life, from printing school home works, thesis drafts, worksheets and business reports. Either designed under an inkjet or laser platform, the development of these printers had gone way far since its humble beginnings. Who would have thought in the first place that the method of lithography and xerography would open the doors for modern printing, giving birth to the production of laser printers, inkjet printers, multifunction devices and all-in-one printing machines. However, some creative minds (and eccentric as well) was able to conceptualized printers that are out of the normal norms.

Here are some of the weirdest printers ever invented to blow your mind:

Canon Selphy CP770 Hello Kitty Portable Printer
  • Canon Selphy CP770 Hello Kitty Portable Printer - Its impossible for one not to know the famous San Rio animal character that goes by the name Hello Kitty. Every girl had learn to love this cute, cuddly cat when they were children. Some of them even go to the extent of buying San Rio collectibles that revolves around the cat. That's was perhaps the reason Canon released its Selphy CP770 Hello Kitty Portable Printer. It features a 2.5’’ angled color TFT LCD, auto-image and auto red-eye correction and wireless printing. This printer uses Canon ink cartridges.
Waterfall Printer
  •  Waterfall Printer - is a water printer fountain found in Fukuoka, Japan. It works by releasing water from the outlets at top of it exactly at a special timing to manifest scrolling texts and images. Its scrolling effect automatically comes because of gravity. Here's a video of a Waterfall Printer at the Canal City:

Electrolux Toaster Printer
  • Electrolux Toaster Printer - is an interesting toaster that is used to create images or show texts on your toasted bread. It uses a special program that converts information into 12x12 pixels and burn them onto the toasts.
RITI Coffee Printer
  • RITI Coffee Printer - is a famous printer that was featured in one of articles before--The Greenest Printer Concept. Designed by Jeon Hwan Ju, the RITI Coffee Printer uses tea and coffee dregs as a source of ink instead of printer cartridges.To use the RITI printer, you place the coffee or tea dregs into the ink cartridge with some water, insert a piece of paper and move the cartridge backwards and forwards into the slot while drawing on the paper.
Sources: Ink System/Akihabara

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