Thursday, October 4, 2012

AutoDesk Printer - Futuristic Printer Concept

The AutoDesk Printer by Aaron Hughes
It's been a while since we last posted an article about printer concept. Still remember the RITI Printer by Jeon Hwan Ju which turns tea and coffee dregs into conventional biodegradable ink? How about the Tanning Printer which makes printing possible using solar power to tan your paper and create images? Well now, another printer concept is creating a buzz over the web, the AutoDesk Printer, a printing device that literally look like it came out from some futuristic comic book.

The AutoDesk Printer sketches were designed and created by Aaron Hughes, pro-designer/artist who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and works at Hughes Studio Architects. Although not much is said about the concept and how the printers might work, the printer's outer design already can make ones geeky eyeball pop-out from its socket. From its sleek, futuristic design, the AutoDesk Printer literally offers a new look from the old boring design we usually see from the printers we have nowadays, incorporated with a chic futuristic steely-metal look you can imagine being used in Sci-Fi setups.

From its sketch, the AutoDesk Printer doesn't typically for printing purposes only. On top of it is what seems  a scanner and copier machine, thus concluding the fact that it is a multi-function printer. Although just offering a sketch for us to imagine, lacking all the blueprints and printing processes ideas, the AutoDesk Printer may appear nothing more than a far-fetched idea for now. But who knows, many printer concepts that was once seen as a joke, is now in the market and gaining attention such as the Print Brush™ 4x6 that was developed by Print Dreams as a digital camera and portable printer in one which uses Lexmark inkjet technology and advanced Lexmark ink cartridges.Once considered nothing more than a print concept, the Print Brush™ 4x6 is now known as the world's smallest portable printer.

So who knows that maybe in the future, AutoDesk Printer may reach the market and make our jaw drops. Only I and other techie enthusiasts could hope...

Here are more sketches of Aaron Hughes' AutoDesk Printer:

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