Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Empty Epson Ink Cartridges Turn Into Chic Lamps

Inkjet printers are really handy when it comes to printing photos and images but with that comes the price of ink cartridges. Printing photos on a daily basis does need a lot of ink and since inkjet cartridges has a lower page yield than toner cartridges, photographers and home users who loves doing scrapbooks and photo-albums are faced with the dilemma of buying ink cartridges more frequently than others.

Perhaps, this was what led Lowell and Louise, a newly married couple, to create something useful out of their empty Epson ink cartidges, the BoxLightBoxInk Cartridge Lamps. These ink lamps are thoroughly cleaned, hand-drilled and assembled into hanging lamps or single ink cartridges lamps.
The BoxLightBox are available at
  • Single Ink Cartridge Lamp for $30

  • 4 Cartridge Box Pendants for $45 (consist of the CMYK colors)
  • 8 Cartridge Ink Cartridges Chandelier for $150 (includes matte black, cyan, light-cyan, magenta, light-magenta, yellow, light-black, and lighter black)

The BoxLightBox, Ink Cartridge Lamps, held the unique and chic style that you can usually find in minimalistic lamps. And the fact that it is made out of recycled ink cartridges sounds good too. Whether you want to place it on your room or on your veranda, the BoxLightBox will surely give a spectacular glow on your place.

Lowell and Louise are designers based on Durham at North Carolina who focus on making pretty and thoughtfully designed lighting using atypical lighting materials. They also create and design colorful & affordable beaded jewelry. You can contact them through their Etsy Official Page or BoxLightBox Page.

However, if you're looking for other ways on how to dispatch those empty ink cartridges at your home, then why don't you try sending them over TonerGreen for our Recycling Program? Recycling printer cartridges is the best thing you can do to save more while saving the earth! That's why we are giving you this opportunity to do your share in saving the earth and joining the Go Green! Revolution.


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