Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Environmentally-Friendly Printing

Printing is like a part of our every day routine, from printing documents in our offices to printing pictures at our home. But sometimes, we take printing for granted, ignoring the fact that like your cars, computers and appliances, printers can emit greenhouse gases as well and cause small impacts on our environment no matter how unnoticed it may appear to be.

That's why in this article, we're going to give some helpful tips on how you can practice environmentally-friendly printing either at your office or at home:
  • Use Eco-Friendly Printers - If you're just planning to buy a printing device then I definitely suggest you should considered its eco-friendly highlights and features like auto-duplex printing, auto-on/auto-off mode and toner saving mode. To make your shopping easier, you can just look for an Energy-Star qualified logo in the printer. This will indicate that the printer had passed Energy-Star qualifications as an eco-friendly product.
  • Use Recycled Papers or Eco-friendly Papers- Every year more than 6 billion trees are being cut down just to produce papers. And that's not it, paper is also considered as the largest waste product in the world. Using recycled paper can both decrease these statistics. You can always find good-quality recycled paper out there in the market or eco-friendly paper made out of organic fruit peeling.
  • Choose What Your Print - If some documents can be send over the e-mail instead of printing then resort to that instead. Telecommuting is so easy these days especially with the availability of wireless connectivity, cloud technology and the power of the internet.
  • Choose Alternative Recycled Cartridges Instead - OEM companies and third-party companies like TonerGreen, offer recycled toner cartridges and recycled ink cartridges that are highly compatible to your printers. These are used OEM cartridges that are cleaned, refurbished and re-filled with high-quality toner to produce the same printing output and performance as brand-new cartridges do.
  • Use Font Styles That Save Ink - Yes, there are font styles that save ink like Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, Arial, Sans Serif, Trebuchet and Tahoma. These following fonts are proven through a study made by Printer.com to save ink when used in documents.There is also a font style software called Eco-Font that you can purchase and download online. This software helps you save ink and toner by leaving small holes in the letters which are never visible on the screen and on our papers that goes unnoticed.

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