Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Paperless in Your Office

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We all know that a big portion of expenses is spent in office supplies, not to mention papers used in printing business transactions, memorandums, receipts, worksheets, reports and other important business files. I know it seems impossible to take the concept of a paperless office in your mind. Although, truthfully, you can't literally stop the usage of paper in your office, but it is possible to lessen it. Yes, minimize the use of it in a large percentage.

The real concept of a paperless office generally described a workplace wherein the use of paper is minimized not totally wiped out. When a working environment goes paperless, it can save a large amount of money which is often used in buying office supplies, it also lessen energy consumption and most importantly it reduces environmental hazards

But how can you exactly apply the concept of a paperless office in your working environment? 

Here are three easy tips you may use and apply in your office:
  • Print What You Need - This may be one of the simplest tips one could give but not all could follow this. Most users print whatever they want from drafts to unimportant notes, just print what you think you really need a tangible copy for. If you need a lot of copies of a certain document then instead of printing an entire copy then why don't you produce copies of it in a xerox machine instead.
  • Don't Forget to Click "Print Preview" - This Microsoft Office command isn't just placed there above in the basic menu for nothing. Use it especially when you know you're printing a very important document. We all sometimes make the mistake of keying in CTRL+P as soon as we're finished typing to print it fast, the downside is we often forget skimming through the parts and checking for possible errors and excessive spaces. In which in the end, lead us in printing another edited copy of the document we have just printed, wasting the first copy altogether.
  • Print and Share Your Files to PDF Format - This is the very best way to go paperless in the office. All you have to do is save one file and print it to PDF format which you can open through an Adobe Reader Program which almost all computers that connected in the internet are programmed with.After saving it in PDF format, you can attach the file then to your e-mail and send it to your officemate or boss who needs the certain document, instead of having to print it.
However, if it is really hard for your office to apply the concept of a paperless office, you can still cut off your printing costs and reduce environmental hazards by using remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured inkjet cartridges for your printers. At, we sell eco-friendly printer cartridges that are 100% guaranteed to work well in your laser printer or inkjet printer and offers the same print quality and page yield as OEM cartridges.

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