Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Green Tips for the Coming Halloween Season!

Boo! Before you scared yourself to death, watching a marathon of the most spine-chilling movies or re-reading to sleep horror classics like Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire or Bram Stoker's Dracula, you might forget that since Halloween is the second most celebrated occasion next to Christmas, the probability of producing more waste while crafting for costumes and decorations is unavoidable.

That's why TonerGreen blog will give you some useful tips on how you can reduce the waste and save money for the coming Halloween Season!

Solar Jack O'Lantern photo courtesy from Crafting a Green World
  • Alternative Jack O' Lantern - Of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without Jack O' Lanterns filling the streets. But instead of using and wasting pumpkins, you can use old bowls instead and craft them into a solar Jack-O-Lantern. The materials you just need are a pumpkin shaped bowl, masking tape, orange color spray paint, solar garden or walkway lamp and black marker. You can follow the procedures on how to make it in Crafting a GreenWorld .com.
Skull Treat Boxes photo courtesy from MarthaSteward.com
  • Be Creative for Your Treats - Skull Treat Boxes is an recycled craft made from boxes. These are cute little egg skulls are a great container for Nips and M&M candies that you can give away to those little monsters that will knock on your door saying, "trick or treat!" Check out Martha Stewart's site on how you can make these Skull Treat Boxes for Halloween.
Wall e-Street Costume made of cardboard.
  • Recycle Your Halloween Costume - Fretting on what to wear on your coming Halloween Party or on what costume should your kid wear for their school Halloween event? Then why don't you take some time rummaging that old cabinet or box of clothes stuck in your attic. Or better try calling Grandma and asking for an old dress she's not wearing and go for the ole vintage look. For kids, you can create Halloween costumes from cardboards or old white sheets. Check some of these cool recycled Halloween costumes for kids in ParentMap.com.
Hope that help!

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