Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Make Your Work Desk Eco-Friendly

We often spend 8 to 9 hours a day working in our office and mostly we don't even pay any attention to our office surroundings from the CFL bulbs your using to the sheets of paper you are wasting. Don't you think it's perhaps time to hold still for a while and examine your workspace? Wouldn't it be ideal if you take some time rearranging it and perhaps creating it more eco-friendly? Besides, a greener work space means a progress on a healthier lifestyle, right?

Here are some easy steps on how you can make your work space eco-friendly:
  • Use environmental-friendly office supplies and products - From recycled papers to non-toxic highlighters, why don't you try changing your usual supplies to these eco-friendly products instead. Buying recycled products can even save you more since they usually cost less.
  • Turn your office laptops and devices off when you leave - Though a simple instruction, most of us don't bother to shut down their computer units after work, mostly thinking that the IT department can handle the simple task. But why don't you just be thoughtful and do it yourself to make sure that your unit is perfectly shut down also allowing you to both save your documents properly before turning it making sure that all your documents are safe.
  • Use non-toxic or eco-friendly cleaning materials - You can find many brands in the market that offers such thing like Ecover, Pink Solution, Nature Clean and Norwex. You can also talk to your office supply manager and share him the idea of using eco-friendly cleaning products, most companies who tried said they ended up saving money.
  • Consider using recycled ink and toner cartridges - Recycled printer cartridges, also known as remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges, are empty printer cartridges that are cleaned, refurbished and re-filled with new toner or ink. Recycled printer cartridges cost less than OEM cartridges as well, cutting off 40 to 50% of your printing expenses.
  • Try Going Paperless - The paperless office may be an impossible concept, you can lessen the use of papers by using digital telecommunication thru using e-mail through the internet or via wireless connection.

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