Monday, October 22, 2012

Printing Cards for the Coming Halloween!

Create your own Halloween cards with these tips!
As Halloween creeps in, the Jack O' Lantern will once decorate and lit up the dark streets, children in little monsters costumes will wander around asking for treats and parents will be busy on decorating their houses and backyards with fake tombstones, spiderwebs and Halloween masks. How about you? Are you ready for the coming eerie Hallow's Eve? Have you already sent your Halloween cards to your relatives and friends?

If not then don't fret especially if you have a personal printer near hand. With that and the use of the internet, a card creator program like Microsoft Publisher, you can easily do design and print your own Halloween post card or invitation card without a sweat.

Here are some printing tips I can give you when it comes to printing Halloween cards since there's nothing more exciting and thrilling than the celebration of Hallow's Eve:
  • Go to online sites for Halloween e-card designs you can draw inspiration from - You can check out Google for this. I typically visit, American Greetings, Hallmark and eGreetings when looking for an inspiration to my own-designed cards. They have a wide selection of online e-cards for various occasions, holidays and events.American Greetings offers online visitors 'printable Halloween cards as well.
  • Using Microsoft Publisher - Microsoft Publisher is a handy software program that lets users choose designs and printouts ready as cards, banners or cover books. Windows PCs with Microsoft Office installed typically have this on their collection beside Excel, Word, Outlook and Office. Once you open the Microsoft Publisher Program, you can see upon its left side a task pane titled New Publication, under its selection, click Publications for Print then select Greeting Cards. A list of occasions will appear, click Holidays and there you will see a collection of holiday cards. Select one under the Halloween design.
  • Personalize, Design, Be Creative - Once you have selected a specific layout, you can now type your personal messages and greetings. And the best part here is you can add more images and designs to your cards by adding a clipboard or picture via its toolbar. Be creative with it and put more Jack O' Lantern, black cat or flying witch silhouette. Just enjoy what you're doing and it will come out creatively.
  • Add Quotes and Halloween Facts - Whether its from Bram Stoker's Dracula or Stephen King's novel, quotes from your favorite horror books and thriller movies will surely add up on your card's design. Halloween facts are one cool thing to add, share to your friends interesting info about Halloween such as the fact that Jack O' Lantern started in Ireland to ward off evil spirits or that Halloween was celebrated even before Christ was born. Search the internet and have fun.
  • Print using the Right Type of Printer - I would definitely recommend using inkjet printers if your Halloween cards are more image-based but if its all designed with graphics then its best to use laser printers instead. If you're looking for a cost-efficient alternative printer consumables, there are remanufactured laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges which cost 40% less than your average OEM cartridges. Their eco-friendly too.
And once your cards are done, send them straight ahead to your friends and family relatives. I'm sure they'll appreciate after all, you're the one who made it.

Happy Halloween!

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