Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stains - The Art of Leaked Ink Cartridges

Nobody wants to walk into the room and found your printer covered in ink stain all because the printer cartridge happened to leaked. The fact that it will probably stall your printing task can set someone's good mood off in a snap. Leaked ink cartridges are one of the many printer horrors, users wouldn't want to encounter especially when their on a hurry, printing an important document.

But through an artwork, a Toronto-based artist named Niall McClelland, showed a new side of leaked ink cartridges. His artwork entitled "Stains" is a series of paintings that was created using leaked ink cartridges and tough Japanese papers which he used for binding the leaked ink cartridges, absorbing the colors, and led to stunning work of arts depict a picture similar to a kaleidoscope image.

Here are two close up samples of Nial McClelland's "Stains" paintings:

Aside from these, he also created another series of painting he named the "Tapestries". This time, McClelland used copier toners instead and covered it with a distinct paper that was folded methodically, and resulted into an art of intricate patterns. Another one is "Skins", an artwork wherein he showed a depiction of a gray cloud up-close through the use of ink and aerosol paint on cotton sheets.

McClelland's artworks are now gaining popularity over the internet and are included in group exhibits held in Toronto. He might showed us a new way of regarding our leaked ink cartridges but since not all of us are gifted with such aestheticism, it's still wiser to make sure you buy your ink cartridges and toner cartridges from trusted printer supplies retailer like TonerGreen, which offers high-quality remanufactured ink cartridges and remanufactured toner cartridges that are U.S.-made and quality tested.

It is also advisable to inspect your printers once a while to make sure that your ink cartridges are alright and doesn't show any signs of leakage. Don't also forget to store your ink cartridges properly especially the multi-colored ink cartridges since this are likely prone to cross-contaminate if placed upside down or on its side. By following these simple steps, you lessen the chance of your ink cartridges leaking at the wrong time.


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