Friday, October 12, 2012

The HP LaserJet 1160 Printer - Most Expensive Printer in the World

The Golden HP LaserJet 1160 Printer 
We always hear news and read articles about the most affordable or economical laser printers in the market. In fact, these contents can be found anywhere in blogs and sites that centers in the imaging solution industry. But it's not always every day we encounter an article about the "most expensive printer". You may find this unusual but it is true, such printer exists and it is manufactured by the popular printer company "Hewlett Packard".

In the year 2006, Hewlett Packard had celebrated their four million dollar sales in the Middle Eastern market by taking one of their best-selling office printers and simply covered it with gold and silver. The Golden HP LaserJet 1160 Printer was displayed at the Gitex IT exhibition, one of the top three technology convention in the world. Covered using a 24 karat gold, the Gold HP LaserJet 1160 Printer is fully functional and worth approximately $20,000. It was planned to be auctioned with the proceeds going to charity.
Actual HP LaserJet 1160 Printer
The actual HP LaserJet 1160 Printer, in fact, is one of the most affordable monochrome laser printers in the market. It can print up to 20 pages per minute with the first page out in less than 10 seconds and printing resolution of up to 1200 dpi (dots per inch) output. It also has a monthly duty cycle of up to 10,000 pages and is both PC and Mac compatible. It has a 250-sheet input tray and 125-sheet output bin and features an enhanced. Users won't even have the trouble of finding a large space to fit it in with its small footprint. Plus, it's so easy to set up, making it ideal for home users and for personal use.

It runs with replacement toner cartridges HP Q5949A (HP 49a) black toner with a standard page capacity of up to 2,500 pages and is also compatible to HP laser printers: LaserJet 1160Le, LaserJet 1320, LaserJet 1320n, LaserJet 1320nw, LaserJet 1320t, LaserJet 1320tn, LaserJet 3390.

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