Wednesday, November 14, 2012

America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day - November 15
This November 15, America will once again observed and idiomatically put their "green hats" to participate and celebrate America Recycles Day, a nationally recognized holiday event dedicated to encouraging Americans to buy recycled products or do the recycling themselves.

America Recycles Day is a program that was originally initiated by the national non-profit organization Keep America Beatiful (KAB), which started at the year 1997. According to America Recycles Day Official Facebook Page, the event itself is "the only nationally recognized day and community-driven national awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States."

Since its inception, on November 15 each year, hundreds of people and organizations hold events or participate in events that educate and teach people about recycling and the benefits they could gain. Through the activities, demonstrations and competitions held in varied events, Americans encourage each other to initiate and start recycling old and worn-out materials that could be found in their home, office or school, and help in reducing the waste ending up in our wasteland and polluting our soils.

This year, Keep America Beautiful aims to reach a 10% increase in workplace recycling through inviting business and government offices as a part of its "Recycling at Work" pledge.

In KAB's official press release, it was stated that "Recycling at Work’s 2015 goal will be achieved through a series of approaches that include:"
  • Increasing employee awareness of the availability of recyclable services and benefits of recycling in offices and other facilities;
  • Enhancing infrastructure and communications to enable greater recycling and diversion of the materials in offices and other facilities;
  • Identifying cost-effective opportunities to incorporate consideration of end-of-life recyclability and increased recycled content into the products purchased;
  • Reporting on progress each year through the Recycling at Work online system; and,
  • Inviting other organizations to take the Recycling at Work pledge.
“The environmental impact from recycling remains critically important as a measure of sustainable economies and vibrant communities,” said Matt McKenna, KAB President and Chief Executive Officer. “To increase our national municipal recycling rate from its current 34 percent level, the increase will come less from national initiatives and more from locally-driven efforts. Engaging individuals to take the action to recycle at home, at work and at play is the linchpin to increasing recycling rates.”

TonerGreen, an environment-conscious printer supplies retailer, salutes Keep America Beautiful in its goal, as we as well, promotes recycling by offering remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges which are made of 75% recycled components to contribute to energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

For more information about America Recycles Day, you can visit its official website

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