Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple Products Turned to Cool Recycled Gadgets

Apple has been the most popular and iconic brand in the technology industry over the decades. Starting from the humble beginnings of their iMac desktops featuring an innovative graphic-user-interface up to their present fully-featured mobile devices, the iPhone series, Apple continue to compete at the top spot against other companies. And as a certified geek, I couldn't help but to check out the newest products they have to offer and that was what led me to these cool recycled gadgets that are made from obsolete Apple machines.

  • iMacAquarium / iTerrarium
iMac Aquarium

The iMac Aquarium is perhaps the coolest aquarium I have ever seen. This aquarium is made from an old iMac monitor that was reassembled and turned into a small habitat for our little finned friends. This idea was originally thought by a professional photographer based at Nebraska, US, named Jake Harms. By taking out some of the electronic components of the monitor, he replaced the iMac's cathode-ray tube screen with a custom-made aquarium. You can build your own iMacAquarium and learn the procedures at


The  iTerrarium, on the other hand, was an idea quite similar to the iMac Aquarium but was introduced by a Texan named Paul Riddell. Like the iMac Aquarium, the iTerrarium's electrical parts were extracted from the monitor and was replaced by a terrarium inside, complete with soil and a little plant.

  • iMac G4 Desk Lamp
iMac G4 Desk Lamp

The iMac G4 Desk Lamp also known as iMac Lamp is a cute, semi-spherical lamp made from iMac G4's monitor stand. It was described by as "a great addition to any geeks office." The iMac G4 Desk Lamp is availabe at for $20.

  • Apple G4 Mailbox
Apple G4 Mailbox

The Apple G4 Mailbox, no doubt is an eye-catcher and a great addition to any geeky home. The idea and concept of the Apple G4 Mailbox came from an anonymous Apple fan based on Auckland, New Zealand. The Apple Mailbox was made from the CPU case of an Apple G4 and was finished with a front flap and an address number.

In present times, we're technology seems to provide all the possible means to make someone's life easier and productive, it's quite nice that some people doesn't forget to make something out of used and obsolete devices such as the three mentioned above. Even the printing industry has its own recycled products to offer such as remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges to help sustain and conserve our environment.


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