Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brother Innovative Inks, the Innobella Inks

Photo courtesy by Brother Printing & Imaging

Brother Industries has been a popular manufacturer of award-winning laser printers and multi-function centers (or MFCs). It is not a new thing for printer users when they hear people connote Brother as one of the leading printer manufacturers alongside Hewlett Packard, Xerox and Canon. Apparently though, Brother doesn't just offer advanced-featured laser printers, they are slowly developing their technology to make their inkjet printers as notable as their laser printers and MFCs.

One of these developments is by introducing a brand new range of genuine consumables which they refer to as "Innobella". According to Brother, "The name "Innobella™" derives from the words "Innovation" and "Bella" (meaning "Beautiful" in Italian) and is a representation of the "innovative" technology providing Brother customer's with "beautiful“and “long lasting” print results."

The Innobella Ink is the result of Brother's extensive research and development which involved testing over 100 elements to make the perfect ink, ideal for printing lab-quality photographs. Along with the use of Innobella™ Photo Paper, which has been coated with chemical solutions designed to enhance smoothness and reduces ink bleed, the two work together to bring the best result and create perfect prints.

Brother Industries gave the following key points to why one should use Brother Innobella Inks:

Why Use Innobella™ Ink?
  • Innobella™ Ink is specially developed with advanced chemical compositions at exacting ratios to give the results we promise.
  • Innobella™ Ink is fade resistant to light and ozone to achieve true-to-life colour prints that last.
  • Printouts look richer in colour, last longer, and perfectly complement Innobella™ Photo Paper to produce higher quality prints with vivid colours, sharp images and crisp definitions.
  • Brother inkjet MFCs incorporate an advanced print head technology that produces an extraordinary 1.5pl (picolitre) ink droplet. The image will be less grainy, giving you smoother and sharper results every time.

- Printing Imaging | Brother | Innobella Inks

The Brother Innobella Ink is perhaps one of the most astounding ink technologies ever developed. Not that it only offers printer users with an excellent alternative ink cartridges that promises incredible printing results which includes richer colors, sharper images and print longevity, the Brother Innobella Ink is sure to bring your photo-printing into another level.

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