Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Clean the Toner Cartridges and Drum Unit of Your Laser Printers

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Noticing some faded printouts or unwanted smears in the printouts your laser printers produce, perhaps its time you check your printer's unit and see if it's already full of dust. You see, toner smears are sometimes cause when your toner cartridges or drum unit is dirty. That's why it's advisable that you should clean your laser printer once a while. Not only that, dirty laser printers can also lead to usual paper jams and other printing malfunction.

First and foremost, you need the following things to clean your laser printers:
  • brush
  • gloves
  • face mask
  • air compress spray
  • portable vacuum cleaner
  • paper towel
  • wiping cloth
Steps in Cleaning Your Laser Printer's Toner Cartridge and Drum Unit
  1. Turn off your laser printer unit and let it cool down for an hour. You see, laser printers use heat fusers to bind the toner in the paper. As what it is referred to, heat fusers generate heat and if you clean your laser printer's right away when it is just used, you might probably get your hands burn.
  2. Next, wear the gloves on your hands and the face mask. Toner particles when inhale may cause some serious health risks.
  3. Third, open your laser printer unit and pull out the toner the drum tray. Get the toner cartridges one by one and lay them on a paper towel.
  4. Fourth, with the drum unit still intact, use either the portable vacuum to suck the toner powder and dust on it, or the air compress spray to blow the dust particles off the drum unit. You can also use the wiping cloth to clean the drum unit. If you saw any built-in toners, you can use the brush or soak the wiping cloth on alcohol to brush/wipe off the toner.
  5. Fifth, once you're done with the drum unit, you can now proceed to the toner cartridges. With the use of a wiping cloth, clean the laser toner cartridges carefully but thoroughly.
  6. Lastly, replace the toner cartridges back to the drum unit and close the front cover. You can now resume back to printing and enjoy your quality-perfect printouts.

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