Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Extend the Life of Your Ink Cartridges

Out of ink? What do you have to do now?
Inkjet printers are the most common type of printing devices used personally at home. For one thing, inkjet printers cost lower than the average laser printers and their printer consumables, inkjet cartridges, also are way inexpensive that laser toner cartridges. On the other hand, though, the only drawback more personal users may find in using inkjet printers is that inkjet cartridges has a lower page yield compare to their toner cartridge counterpart.

Admit it; it's rather irritating every time your printer sends a pop-out image on your screen, informing you that you are already low of ink when you have just bought that inkjet cartridge a month ago. And worse comes to worst, when your printer does this, it will altogether halt the print jobs pending--print jobs that you need at once.

If you have experienced such printer nightmare then I'm telling you, you're not the only one, and I too, can sympathize with the frustration that comes when this suddenly happen on a bad time. That's why I searched for solutions that can help me extend the life of my ink cartridges so I would experience few printer interruptions. One of these is on how you can hack your ink cartridges so that it can print more printouts than what it seems to offer.

You see, most ink cartridges these days are equipped with smart chips; these are what you call those small circuit chips that are responsible for reading the amount of ink in your printer cartridge and the one who sends a message to your computer about it. However, it doesn't mean it is always accurate with its readings. That's why unbeknownst to you, perhaps you may have thrown away some ink cartridges that are not totally depleted. So how can you resolve this? It's by resetting the smart chip on your ink cartridges.

You can do this by following these steps:
  • Open your inkjet printer and remove the ink cartridge away from its tray.
  • Second, locate the smart chip in the ink cartridge.
  • Near that smart chip, you will see a small hole. Press the button in that hole using the end of a paper clip. This process will reset the smart chip and initiate another set of reading, which is now accurate than the first.
  • Replace the ink cartridge back to your printer and then refresh your computer. Go to the printer setting and check out if the ink cartridge still do have some ink or is completely empty.
You can refer to this video by BrussPup for the process:

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