Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Fix Paper Jams and Faded Printouts

We all hate it when our printer suddenly halt in the middle of printing an important document on due, especially when it is caused by an error. Although, we accept that printers like any other electronic devices are prone to have problems every now and then, this thing doesn't seem to be acceptable when you need that specific document at once.

That's why for today's article, we're going to cite the two most common printer problems users usually encounter, the reasons why they happen and their solutions:

  • Paper Jams
This printer problem may beat the low ink/toner warning in the most common printer problems list (if there ever was), this problem occurs on every type of printer. There are three main reasons that this problem occurs, perhaps your printer is already dirty and you have to clean it. Next, there's a possibility you have fed the wrong type of paper to its feeder, and third, your rollers are already worn out and depleted so better buy a new fuser component for your printer. 

Whatever the reason may be, in pulling out the paper from the feeder, it is recommended that you pull the paper in the direction of the paper's pathway not the other way. It will be easier for you to free the paper and avoid further damaging your printer unit.

  • Faded Printouts
If your printer produced printouts which are much lighter than the original shade then this might be cause of dirty printer nozzles on printers that uses inkjet cartridges or worn-out drum/fuser for laser printers. Either case, check out these printer consumables to determine the cause. Another cause may be is that your printer cartridges are already low on toner or ink and you have to replace them soon. But once they are replaced and they continue producing the same light/faded printouts then go to the printer's setup to check out if your printer setting was set on Econo-mode or Eco-mode, change this to normal. 

Econo-Mode or Eco-mode is an eco-feature that most printers have; this commands the printer to use the minimal amount of ink/toner every time it does printing jobs to extend the life of the printer cartridge. One of its drawbacks though is producing a much lighter copy of your document or image. 

Useful Tip: 

To avoid printer errors, it is definitely recommended to clean your printers every now and then, and do an overall inspection with its printer components especially those who are needed to be replaced from time to time. If you think your printer had finally reached its limit then don't try to fix the problem all by yourself since this will likely cause more damage, call your printer manufacturer's tech support and ask for advice. 

Printers, like any other typical devices and gadgets, need some care to maintain their quality and keep them running smoothly just as how they were on the first day you bought them.

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