Thursday, November 8, 2012

Know More About the Environment Through Your iPhone

With our present technology, you can't help but be amuse with the mobile devices hitting the market and as time passes by, these mobile gadgets seem to be getting smaller and thinner over the years and yet are capable of several functions. But often, we take these devices for granted, far from we know it, these devices can not only provide our every day entertainment but as well help us to be informed about a lot of things--including our environment. One of these environmental mobile apps compatible to iPhone series and iPad tablets is the Environment Science Buddy.

The Environmental Science Buddy is a mobile app designed to be "the ultimate tool for learning about the Environmental Science." It was created by Frederick Feraco Jr., a science teacher who has the enthusiasm to use all possible multimedia resources there is that can be found in the classroom for teaching regents curriculum. The Environmental Science Buddy, as I can say, is not just helpful for teachers and students, but for all the nature lovers and geeks who want to give a short time of their day, learning facts and general things about our world. And as a geek and knowledge-lover at the same time, the Environmental Science Buddy is one of the coolest app I could use to learn during my free time.

"As Science teacher, I find many obstacles in finding the perfect medium in which to share information with my students," said Feraco. "This often includes hours of Google searches, you tube searches, etc. This app is amazing! It takes those hours I used to spend and turns them into seconds with one touch of this app. I love it! Thanks again for creating such an awesome app that gives me hours of my life back!"

The Environmental Science Buddy offers the following features:

1. This app includes attractive lessons on all topics below. 
2. Interactive Fun quizzes by topic (with real regents questions) 
3. Daily Environmental science news updates. 
4. Fun videos from Youtube. 
5. Flash cards by topic. 

Moreover, it covers topics such as mineral resources, non-renewable resources, energy efficiency, ecosystems, biomes, cycles in nature, weather and climate, terrestrial biodiversity, aquatic biodiversity and extinction.

The Environmental Science Buddy is available in iTunes for only $1.99.

Environmental Science Buddy is just one of the technological innovations that focus on our environment welfare. And though it is just a mobile application, for me, it possessed the same importance as recycling materials, in contributing in the conservation and sustainability of our environment. TonerGreen, is one of the printer supplies retailer in the market that also looks out for the good of our environment by remanufacturing toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

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