Friday, November 16, 2012

Extend the Install Life of Your Toner Cartridges

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As far as anyone's concern, everyone wants to save on their everyday expenses, this includes the money one spends on their printer supplies. Especially to those who own laser printers, they know how much laser toner cartridges cost on their printing budget. That's why to save on your printer expenses one should learn some tips on how to save on your toner cartridges.

Here are three tips to save and extend the life of your toner cartridges:

  • Redistribute the Toner in the Printer Cartridge - Didn't you know that you can get more printouts from your toner cartridges even though your printer notifies you that it's already low in toner? All you have to do is to get the toner cartridge out from your printer and carefully shake it from side to side. This will redistribute the toner inside the cartridge to let you get more printouts. After that, you can now place back the toner cartridge in your laser printer and continue printing.
  • Set Your Laser Printer to Econo-Mode - You can extend the life of your toner cartridges by simply changing your laser printer's setting to Econo-Mode or Eco-Mode. This enables your printer to use the minimal amount of toner every time it prints documents or images. However, this setting may cause your printouts to appear in a lighter shade. The Econo-Mode setup is ideal to use for printing drafts and not-so important documents.
  • Print What You Only Need - Review the documents you want to print. If it's possible, select only the parts you think you need the most. Or change the font styles into Georgia, Verdana, Calibri or Times New Roman, since studies show that these font styles use little amount of toner. You can refer to this article to know the other font styles that saves toner/ink, "EcoFonts - Font Styles that Saves Printer Ink".
  • Turn to PDF Files - Now, you can resort on saving or exporting your documents into PDF files and send it via e-mail to whomever you want to share you documents. This doesn't conserve electricity but also your toner cartridges from being used.

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