Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Palmotone - the Palm-Oil Based Toner

It's a given fact how technology undeniably takes control of the market, however, along with it comes the eco-friendly innovations being introduced to the market by environment-conscious manufacturers. The surprising thing is how these green products keep hitting us with new ideas to help in contributing to energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

TonerGreen is one of these environment-conscious manufacturers that specialize in providing eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for printer users. And now, we're taking another big step in making our printer supplies more environment-friendly by planning to use a palm-oil based toner called Palmotone in our toner cartridges.

Palmotone is a bio-based chemical toner from Jadi Imaging Technologies, a registered brand name that stands for palm oil toner. According to Jadi, "the Palmotone chemical toner is incorporated with natural components derived from palm oil, thus making it more environmentally friendly", making it different from the usual toner powder made from fossil fuel.

Palmotone Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Toner Powder

So how was this possible? Jadi Imaging Technologies over the past years has been working to find ways on how to minimize the environmental impact caused by printing. Upon their research, they happen to discover the possibility of using palm oil-based derivatives as replacement of petroleum-derived monomers normally used in making polymer latex and resin.

Considered as the world's first bio-based chemical toner, Palmotone was awarded with a new patent in the US by the US Patent & Trademark Office. According to Jadi Imaging Technologies Palmotone Product Information:
"The Patent No. 7,968,647 B2 discloses technology of making Environmentally Friendly Natural Oil-based Toner Resin derived from bio-based sources which may include various vegetable oils such as palm oil."
Palmotone with its bio-based contents reduce CO2 emission and decrease the need for petroleum, thus protecting our atmosphere from environmental hazards caused by carbon and conserving our natural resources.

And with the same aim as Jadi Imaging Technologies, TonerGreen will be releasing a line of eco-friendly remanufactured toner cartridges using Palmotone in the near future.

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