Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweet Treats to Give This New Year

You know New Year wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat to finish off the feast with a bang that's why after making an article about ideal "Gifts to Buy for New Year", we're going to give you a list of the best five sweet treats perfect to give to your love ones, friends and relatives. Because we all know everyone's guilty when it comes to satisfying his/her sweet tooth every holidays.

  • Chocolate  Truffles - is the best treat one could get during the holidays. Who wouldn't enjoy this chocolate confectionary made of chocolate ganache center coated in more chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts? There's no better way to give chocolate lover a greater gift than a box of chocolate truffles.
  • Tower of Treats - is a very popular holiday gift that usually is composed of small to large boxes, put up together to look like a tower. Inside this beautiful boxes wrapped with colorful ribbons are assorted sweets, candies and chocolate truffles for your love ones. Some Tower of Treats also comes with a glass of champagne to complete the set.
  • Champagne Cupcakes - Speaking of champagne, adults will definitely not be so fond of chocolate truffles but with champagne cakes, who wouldn't be curious not to taste them? Champagne cupcakes are sweet treats with a twist of our favorite New Year's drink, champagne in it.
  • Bombolone - is an Italian filled doughnut with custard, chocolate or marmalade. The perfect dessert to end your New Year feast and a box of it will surely make any doughnut lover jumping in joy.
  • Cheesecake Party Wheel - is not your typical cheesecake for it is composed of assorted flavors. "One had Moose Munch® Popcorn on top, one had strawberries, another had all the kinds of chocolate on it and the last one was topped with Bing cherries," described by
If you're betting on a different sweet treat that didn't make it on our list then go and check it out on the internet, lots of online food retailers are now offering them in a low price as a part of their year-end sale. Fortunately that doesn't apply only to sweet treats, it's the best time to buy electronic devices as well and if you happen to be looking for a printer then you should try look for one now. And don't forget to use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to help conserve the environment.

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