Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The All Seasons Orbit Printer - Printing Pictures on Your Christmas Balls

It's just a couple of days before Christmas is here and I'm sure everyone is enjoying decorating their house especially the Christmas tree. And since, I already provided you with two articles about Christmas trees then for today, I'm going to show you an incredible printer that can let you design your own Christmas balls with your pictures drew into it. Yes, and did I also mention that this printer I'm talking about is for sell?

The Orbit Printer or rather referred to as AllSeasons Orbit is a printer designed for printing Christmas ornaments, baseballs and other commemorative ornaments. And that's not just it, the AllSeasons Orbit additionally prints the wrap around the entire ball, ornament, or bat/drum stick.

According to

"The AllSeasons Orbit Printer  is a real profit machine.  Imagine buying ornaments for less than 50 cents and selling them for $10 to $20 each!  Ornaments are not just for the holidays.  Ornaments have been printed commemorating church anniversaries, town celebrations, forget-me-not bulbs for military personnel, pet memorials, you name it.  If you supply stand ornaments can be used for desks, end tables, book shelves, or night stands."

Available for the price of $4,995, the AllSeasons Orbit Printer is an interesting printing equipment for those who want to find a venture when he/she can earn money. 

The AllSeasons Orbit Printer offers the following specifications from TextSourceOnline:
  • Print a full 360 degrees
  • Print Baseballs or softballs
  • Prints Holiday or Commemorative Ornaments
  • No Special Inks required
  • Inks available at any office supply
  • Fits on a desk top
  • Powered with 110 volt (cable included)
  • No Dryer
  • No Special Software (drivers shipped with machine)
  • USB Cable included
For more information about the All Seasons Orbit Printer, you can visit

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