Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

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It's New Year and I'll wager many of you are trying to start with their New Year resolution since Monday. And though our New Year resolutions may vary from each other, don't it ever cross your mind that aside from aiming to lose weight this year, or quit smoking or drinking, you might want to embrace the concept of being eco-friendly?

You know it wouldn't hurt? But why are we so afraid to change our daily routines to things that will help contribute the welfare of our environment. I'm not literally referring you're going to do that all in a snap, that's nearly impossible. What I'm saying is by changing little decisions in what you buy and how you use them give a good impact to our environment without you even noticing it. But what are these little steps I'm talking about, well, here are some of them:

  • Try Walking or Riding a Bike - on your way to the market, the mall or in going to near places instead of using your car. By walking or riding a bike, you don't only reduce the carbon footprint or emission of carbon dioxides to our atmosphere, your body also gains the benefit of an exercise.
  • Separate Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Waste - is one of the simplest way to help our environment. It wouldn't even cause a hassle. All you have to do is to separate those organic wastes from inorganic ones, and let those who recycle do what they have to do with those that can be re-used. Your organic wastes on the other hand, will be use in composting.
  • Traveling in Carpool - is the best way to save gas and lessen the pollution caused by the smoke coming out of our cars. Carpooling simply refers to car-sharing, wherein more than one person travels in the car. This works well when you're going to work and you happen to pass by on your friends' house on your way to office, or when your children's school is on the same way as your office is. Sharing a ride with them won't be a big problem at all.
  • Using Recycled Materials - From picking up papers to use at your house or in the office to decorations, you can opt to buy recycled things instead. Aside from the fact that they cost less than the new products, buying recycled materials helps you reduce the waste in our landfills and the pollution they cause. Even in your printer you can choose to use recycled toner cartridges or recycled ink cartridges instead, to help lessening the carbon emission cause by your printing machine.

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