Tuesday, January 22, 2013

IntelliPaper - The Technological Paper of the 21st Century

Photo courtesy by Gigamen.com
With smartphones popping out everywhere in our market and tablet PCs that is starting to erase the use of laptops and notebooks slowly with their advanced features, these smart gadgets are in fact beginning to conquer this generation's development. With their light and sleek design, offering several features and information on the thinnest width possible, these smart gadgets are indeed astounding. Who would have thought in the first place that these devices which were just products of imagination before are now tangible? Well, it seems like in today's technology, "nothing is impossible".

So perhaps, you wouldn't doubt if I told you there's a smart paper as well. A piece of paper that can hold various information and files similar to a hard drive or USB flash drive. Yes, I ain't joking. Known by the name intelliPaper is a "patented technology which allows us to embed the necessary electronic components into paper, where the look, feel and functionality of the paper is preserved, but with the added ability of sharing not only printed data but digital data."

See how amazing the intelliPaper is in this video:

In it's official website IntelliPaper.Info, its manufacturers described how this quirky design works: "Once the intelliPaper device is separated from the card that it comes with, the folding of the paper provides sufficient thickness and tension so that good contact is made between the device and the USB port. Due to the nature of paper and the process involved, we do not expect our product to be reused hundreds of times, but it can be reused, as long as the paper and the USB contacts are still intact."

The intelliPaper are designed to carry information and files (videos, messages, presentations, and etc.) that can be included in greeting cards, trade show handouts, business reply cards, magazine inserts, advertising mailers, business cards and event tickets.

Another good thing about intelliPaper is it simply helps the environment, by reducing the numbers of electronic hard drives and devices used for the same things. Thus, there are less raw materials being processed and manufactured. The same concept that TonerGreen, an eco-conscious online printer supplies retailer, has by offering remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges to printer users.

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