Friday, February 22, 2013

86,000 HP Printers Can Be Hacked Through Google Search

Software engineer and blogger Adam Howard reported last month how he discovered that more than 86,000 HP printers can easily be hacked by using a well-crafted search keyword on Google Search Engine. As stated by 

"Howard apparently ran a search using a typical HP printer URL address and the search yielded results not for one specific printer with that address, but all discoverable printers on the Internet as indexed by Google."

"This issue is likely not unique to HP.  Indeed a search of a printer addresses from other brands will likely yield similar results, meaning this issue isn’t limited to the 86,000+ printers as reported in this search, but possibly hundreds of thousands of printers."

"There's something interesting about being able to print to a random location around the world, with no idea of the consequence," Adam wrote in his blog, Port3000. "There are security concerns here, as many printer models have known exploits which can be used as an entry point to a private network."

"So lock down your printer," he said as a final advice.

As shown in the result, most HP printers that were in the list were those found and used in public places such as libraries and schools. The underlying fact perhaps is that most forget and ignore how a single password can protect them from such unwanted cases like hacking. One should be able to be informed that just by letting their printer's information in the public can let one be able to know the documents that had been printed.

"Business customers need to understand the ramifications of trying to do it on their own instead of relying on trusted and qualified partners such as copier/printer dealers and VARs," concluded  IndustryAnalyst.

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