Monday, February 4, 2013

Daniel Zeller's Terrarium Desktop

Living in the clustered modern city sometimes makes us miss the wonderful green scenery in the country side, but that doesn't mean we can't bring it here. And that's what Daniel Zeller have in mind when he decided to create the Terrarium Desktop, since he was missing seeing the greenery outside during the winter season in Norway. "The terrarium work desk, helps you get through the winter," was how he described his own furniture.

"The design is inspired by garden furniture and combines the beauty of rustic wood and modern glass," meanwhile described the Terrarium Desktop. "The tabletop consists of tempered glass and the plants are placed inside a drawer for easy watering access."

With it's interesting concept, the Terrarium Desktop is getting nice reviews from Zeller's official Pinterest account. Besides, who wouldn't be amuse with it's unique design or the concept of having your own terrarium in your desk, not on your desk but literally in your desk. As you may see, another cool thing about the Terrarium Desktop is how it looks in the dark as the light that keeps the terrarium's temperature ideal, makes the glass where you can see the terrarium glows thus creating a magical atmosphere into your room or office.

Another thing that I think makes the Terrarium Desktop amazing is how Zeller's had put the concept of building a terrarium inside it in the first place. And how he's idea might open new possibilities to other artistic and creative people build such green concept on the materials they use everyday. And that doing such thing can be quite enjoyable.

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