Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lexmark Acquires Two Software Companies

Lexmark International announced through an official press release that it had just acquired two more software companies on March 5, 2013, Twistage and AccessVia. According to its press release, this is the seventh and eight technology acquisition since the year 2010 when they first decided to expand their field into computer software and services.

It is also stated in the press release that Lexmark International paid a total of $35.1 million to acquire Twistage and AccessVia. Twistage is a San Francisco-based company which specializes in helping manage video, audio, images and similar types of media, and is lead by its founder and CEO David Wadler. Access Via, on the other hand, is a Seattle-based company which software "focuses on preparing print or electronic signs at retail stores, such as the tags on shelves in front of products."

AccessVia has actually been a partner of Lexmark for quite some time and has provided a strong presence in th retail industry and serves 90 percent of the retailers listed on the Global 500 ranking of companies. "We both saw how we were always in the same places serving the same customers," said AccessVia CEO Dean A. Sleeper in regards with Lexmark's decision. "We devoted a lot of time to do the deep, dark engineering work to make both of our offerings work well together."

Lexmark's decision of acquiring Twistage and AccessVia was further explained in the statement below as quoted in its press release:

"Both companies will be folded into Lexmark's Perceptive Software division. 
Kansas-based Perceptive Software started the company's recent series of software acquisitions when it was bought in mid-2010. Perceptive's technology takes information in a variety of ways — a scanned document, perhaps, or a typed-in form — and makes it accessible in a company's work flow. 
Since 2010, Lexmark has acquired other firms and folded their offerings into the software division. Among them was software that automates the process of collecting data from invoices."
Although they made an exit in the inkjet printing industry, Lexmark indeed is showing how it is starting to accomplish its plan for the coming future. Lexmark has been known for providing "a range of printing and imaging products, software, solutions and services that help customers to print less and save more" such as printers, multifunction equipment and printer consumables such as Lexmark toner cartridges.

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