Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TonerGreen Recycled Toner Cartridges

Being eco-friendly is a challenge that many have been trying to incorporate in their daily living even in small things such as printing. This is what TonerGreen, an environmentally-concious online store, encourages printer users to do by providing environmentally responsible printing solutions such as recycled toner cartridges.

TonerGreen's recycled toner cartridges are empty or used toner cartridges that had been refurbished and went under several processes to make sure they can be able to produce the same output as OEM toner cartridges do. The remanufacturing processes this recycled toner cartridges underwent in our in-house facility includes: (1) inspection of raw materials, (2) recycling cartridge components, (3) splitting, (4) cleaning toner cartridges, (5) digital auto-filling, (6) sealing, (7) assembly, (8) post testing, (9) quality control and (10) packaging.

TonerGreen's recycled toner cartridges aren't just simply recycled components, quality is strictly imposed every step of the remanufacturing process until our products are picked up by the customers or shipped to their address. They are expertly built by our professional technicans to make sure that they can meet the standards set by the printing industry that's why we take pride in the superior performance of our products compare to the average compatible or remanufactured cartridges found on the internet.

But what other the other benefit you get from using recycled toner cartridges? First, remanufactured toner cartridges contribute in lessening the amount of printer cartridges waste ending up in our landfills every year. Didn't you know that more than 375 million printer cartridges fill the large proportion of garbage in our wastelands? And the fact that these printer cartridges takes almost 1,000 years to decompose is another dilemma that we shouldn't just disregard.

Aside from that, another factor that makes recycled toner cartridges eco-friendly is that they lessen the use of raw materials and the natural resources consumed in every cartridge they recycled. It also save 3 quarts of oil which typically is used in the production of a single new toner cartridge. And with all the cars, technology and big machinery we have nowadays, all of which uses fuel to function, the increase for this natural chemical is getting way out of hand.

With all these benefits, why don't you think and consider buying recycled toner cartridges instead of new original cartridges the next time you restock on your printer supplies.

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