Friday, April 12, 2013

Xerox Announced "Genuine Xerox Rewards" Program

Xerox announced on April 08, their new loyalty program that lets customers redeem points for gift cards, downloadable music, movies, books, travel, Xerox equipment and more. Also called as "Genuine Xerox Rewards", this program entitles customers and Xerox printer users to use redeem points to purchase other Xerox equipment.

As stated in their official press release,

"The Genuine Xerox Rewards is the first of its kind for this industry. Beyond the opportunity to enjoy the program’s unique rewards package, using genuine Xerox supplies is a smart business decision, as it protects the equipment and ensures years of reliable operation and quality output. The program also validates the authenticity of the products, letting customers know they are purchasing genuine supplies, not counterfeit items."

This program as it is said will reward customers with authentic Xerox solid ink and toner products for their desktop and multifunction printers. Customers can immediately earn 1,000 points for enrolling in the program, one point for every dollar spent on Xerox supplies and an additional 100 points for each eligible device registered.

Genuine Xerox Rewards offers the following:

  • Points can be accumulated no matter how supplies are purchased, including from Xerox partners, resellers, retail stores or eCommerce websites.
  • Incentives can be redeemed with even small point balances.  
  • Rewards can be directed as gifts to family and friends or as charitable donations.
  • Extra points can be garnered when customers participate in other activities on the rewards website.
  • Points do not expire as long as users remain active in the program.
For more information about Genuine Xerox Rewards, you check it out here:

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