Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clearing Paper Misfeeds and Jams on Xerox Printers and Machines

Paper jams are to be considered as one of the massive source of headache when one's trying to execute a certain task using a printing machine or copier especially in large equipment or multifunction equipment like those from Xerox. So if you're using a Xerox DocuPrint Network Printer Series 4850/4890 NPS machine, then you should definitely know the basic troubleshooting on how to clear the paper misfeeds or paper jams sourced from Xerox DocuPrint Network Printer Series Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Clear Paper Misfeeds and Jams on DocuPrint Network Printer Series 4850/4890 NPS

1. Go to the paper tray indicated by the message and graphic 
displays of the printer control console or GUI/panel. 
2. Press the Tray Unlock button on the front left of the paper tray.
3. When the Ready To Open indicator is lit, pull the bar up and out to open the tray. Pull the tray all the way out for best results.
4. Press the green lever to unlatch the paper feeder assembly.
5. Remove and discard any partially fed paper. Make sure the paper supply is neatly stacked and the stack is not higher than the MAX line on the length guide. Make sure the length guide is firmly touching the back edge of the stack. 
6. Latch the paper feeder assembly by pressing the green dot until the assembly clicks into place.
7. Slide the tray back into the printer until the tray latches and press the Continue button to resume printing.
8. Discard any pages sent to the sample tray or unused stacker tray when the paper jam was detected.

Note: Frequent misfeeds may be caused by a glazed feed belt, especially if one tray feeds the same kind of paper better than another tray does. If you suspect that the belt is glazed, try cleaning it with film remover obtained from your service representative.

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