Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Save on Your Xerox Laser Printer Supplies

Maintaining a Xerox laser printer can cost you money especially when it comes to buying its printer consumables and parts like Xerox toner cartridges and drum cartridges. And every printer users is aware that laser toner cartridges cost more than inkjet cartridges, perhaps having the price thrice the latter. However, this is because the laser toner cartridges have higher page yields or printing page capacity than inkjet cartridges--approximately 1000 pages and up.

But that doesn't mean one can't literally save on their printer supplies. There are certain ways on how one can cut their printing expenses. One of those ways is to switch using alternative Xerox toner cartridges known as compatible or remanufactured Xerox toner cartridges. These alternative cartridges cost lower than OEM Xerox toner cartridges that are made by Xerox themselves, thus possessing the brand name and being sold in a higher price. Compatible Xerox toners, on the other hand, are built by third-party manufacturers thus costing less than OEM Xerox toners while remanufactured Xerox toners are refurbished empty/used OEM Xerox cartridges that are cleaned, inspected, and refilled properly by professional technicians so that they can be used again.

Looking for TonerGreen offers a wide selection of eco-friendly remanufactured and compatible Xerox toner cartridges

Xerox brought laser printing technology to the market. Almost all people around the globe are acquianted with the brand as the biggest in the field of copiers. However, Xerox also has its line of printers that utilize Emulsion Aggregation technology. This technology helps lower the amount of wastes and energy consumption while ensuring high print quality. 

TonerGreen offers full line of remanufactured Xerox copier toner and Xerox toners for all your printing needs. Our remanufactured toner cartridges are guaranteed to work perfectly on your Xerox devices. Best of all, they are cheaper than OEM cartridges with hardly any difference in print and color quality.

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