Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Set Ethernet Speed for Xerox Document Centre 460/470 ST

If you're using a Xerox Document Centre 460/470 ST machine, then you should definitely know the basic troubleshooting on how to set the Ethernet Speed for Xerox Document Centre 460/470 ST sourced from Document Centre 460/470 ST Network Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Set Ethernet Speed for Xerox Document Centre 460/470 ST

Step 1 - Enter the Tools pathway.
a.) Press the Access ( ) button.
b.) On the keypad enter 1111 or the current password. Press the Enter button when finished. Press the Go to Tools button.
c.) The Touch Screen will be used for the remainder of the data entry.

Step 2 - Set or Change the Network Connection Speed.
a.) Press the Connectivity and Network Setup button.
b.) Press the Physical Media button.
c.) Press the Ethernet button.
d.) Select the desired network Speed 10MBPS (10 Megabits per second), 100MBPS (100 Megabits per second) or Auto (AutoSensing).
e.) When finished with your changes press Save.

NOTE: Auto-Sensing hubs may not arbitrate correctly with the Document Centre when Auto is selected. If your hubs/concentrators support the 100BaseT speed it is recommended you select 100MBPS in Step d below.

Step 3 - Press the Exit Tools button.

Step 4 - Wait a minimum of 7 minutes for the printer to reset.
a.) Obtain a Configuration Report page from your printer.

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