Saturday, June 13, 2015

Simple Ways to Hack Your Printers

Printers can be found everywhere, from offices to your own home; these peripheral devices have changed the course of document workflow throughout the ages. These printing machines enables us to share and have tangible copies of our documents and images that are stored digitally in our computers, mobile gadgets and tablet PCs. However, like any other electronic devices, printers are prone to having problems and errors from time to time. This is something inevitable. But in spite of that, it still aggravates us especially when those errors unexpectedly occur while you're printing a very important document on due--talk about bad timing. 

But you don't have to fret, like the old aphorism says, "Every problem has its own solution". Here are few but the most popular printer problems and the immediate solution you can do to solve them, and continue your print job like nothing happened. 
  • Low on Ink Warning
This is the most common type of problem that halts the print job altogether in a flash. But didn't you know the message or warning about the low level of ink in your printer cartridge isn't always right. You see, most inkjet cartridges have smart chips that are responsible in reading the amount of ink in your printer cartridge. However, at some times, these smart chips aren't always accurate with their readings. Yes, you're having the right notion; it is possible that you have thrown away ink cartridges in the past that were not totally empty. Thus to avoid these situations, one should learn how to reset the smart chip on their ink cartridge. 

All you need to do is to get the ink cartridge from the printer, locate the smart chip it then press the small button in the hole above or near the small circuit board to reset it. After that, replace the ink cartridge back to your printer and refresh your computer to check out if the ink levels have changed. If it did, then viola, you have successfully reset your ink cartridge and continue to print more pages. If not, then sadly, you have to order new ink cartridges to replace the real-empty ones.
  • Extend the Life of Your Toner Cartridge
From ink cartridges to toner cartridges, one can simply extend the life of his/her printer's toner cartridge by simply taking out the toner cartridge on your laser printer's tray and gently shaking it from side to side, to redistribute the remaining toner inside the printer cartridge component. Once this is done, you can place back the toner cartridge back to the printer and refresh your computer unit, or the printer unit itself to acknowledge the toner cartridge's changed amount of toner. 

If it didn't work, you can try resetting your laser printers. If it did work then that means you can print more pages from your printer. Resetting procedures differ depending on the brand name of your laser printer but you can always find steps online to help you with it. 

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