Monday, June 17, 2013

The Olympics and How it Contributed to Modern Day Printers

Didn’t you know that the Olympics isn’t just a major international event featuring your favorite sports, aside from being the world’s foremost sports competition, the Olympics also led to the development of new technological advancements and modern devices or peripherals which we are using now and has become a part of our everyday life.

The connection between sports and the medical procedure mentioned above might be obvious but didn’t you know that you have to thank the Olympics as well for those modern-day desktop printers near your desktop computers.

Yes, the Olympics was the one that opened the door for a known watch company to become one of the largest printer manufacturers in the world.

Time-keeping has been one of the important factors in the Olympics, throughout the history of the Olympic Games, the time-keeping needs of the worldwide event was met mostly by Swiss watch companies. Before, these companies would send over timekeeping personnel and tons of timing equipment. The big difference during those days compared to now is that electronic timekeeping was not available. That was until, in the early 1960s that the Olympics started using computers to track time when the company Suwa Seikosha Corporation, the manufacturers of Seiko watches, was selected to be the official timekeeper of the Olympics in the year 1964 when the said event was held in Tokyo, Japan. The corporation’s subsidiary Shinshu Seiki Corporation was appointed with the duty but in order to keep a track of the events with electronic timekeeping, they need to have an access to see those scores right away. In order for that to be possible, the corporation decided to develop a portable electronic printer so that they could print the scores and their times.

After the Olympics, Shinshu Seiki continued to manufacture compact electronic printer in 1968 called the EP-101. After seven years, the company then formed another subsidiary that goes by the name Epson, coined to be the “son” of the EP printer. Epson focused on their products on producing printers for micro-computers and other devices. It wasn’t until the year 1982, that the Shinshu Seiki chose to change their name into Epson Corporation and later on merged with the company Suwa Seikosha Corp. in 1985 finally forming the Seiko Epson which we know today as one of the most popular printer brand in the market.
And this just all became possible through the Olympics time-keeping needs.

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