Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips in Fixing Paper Jams

Paper jams are probably one of the worst printer problems there is to encounter. Although, we accept that printers like any other electronic devices are prone to have problems every now and then, this thing doesn't seem to be acceptable when you need to print a special document at once.

Paper jams usually occur for three main reasons: first, perhaps your printer is already dirty and you have to clean it. Second, there's a possibility you have fed the wrong type of paper to its feeder, and third, your rollers are already worn out and depleted so better buy a new fuser component for your printer. Whatever the reason may be, in pulling out the paper from the feeder, it is recommended that you pull the paper in the direction of the paper's pathway not the other way. It will be easier for you to free the paper and avoid further damaging your printer unit.

After that, make sure to check your printer unit and identify which one caused the problem. Check out the fuser rollers if they are working well, or see if your printer is already dirty. If it is, then better clean it up and make sure you do it properly. Using a portable vacuum cleaner to vacuum those left toner or paper pieces on the compartment can make things easier. Just make sure to avoid the vacuum nozzle from hitting some of the printer internal parts. You can also clean the toner cartridge compartment using static wipes or a can of compressed air to blow the toner dust off.

To avoid printer errors, it is definitely recommended to clean your printers every now and then, and do an overall inspection with its printer components especially those who are needed to be replaced from time to time. If you think your printer had finally reached its limit then don't try to fix the problem all by yourself since this will likely cause more damage, call your printer manufacturer's tech support and ask for advice.

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