Thursday, June 6, 2013

TonerGreen Now Offers Eco-friendly Remanufactured Palmotone Toner Cartridges

TonerGreen, an environmentally-concious online store that has been providing environmentally responsible printing solutions such as eco-friendly toner cartridges and eco-friendly ink cartridges, is now offering eco-friendly Palmotone toner cartridges that uses the world’s first bio-based chemical toner that derived its natural components from palm-oil, making our remanufactured toner cartridges more eco-friendly. The Palmotone chemical toner in each TonerGreen eco-friendly toner cartridge are scientifically engineered to deliver equivalent or better performance and image-quality as your typical pertroleum-based toner cartridges, but decreases unfavorable greenhouse gases—letting you experience eco-value at its best.

So what is Pamotone Toner?

Palmotone is the world’s bio-based chemical toner that limits the use of depletable petroleum resources thus decreasing the unfavorable CO2 emission or your greenhouse footprints every time you print. The Palmotone Toner contains 25% of derivatives from palm oil, making it friendlier to the environment unlike standard chemical toners that are made from 100% fossil fuel. This for a fact contributes to the significant reduction to the emission of greenhouse gases that greatly affects our environment.

Print Quality and Print Performance of Palmotone Toner
  • Excellent print quality with crisp and sharp images.
  • Enhanced toner adhesion and glossiness through better incorporation of waxes in the toner.
  • Consistent and uniform image density as a result of narrow particle size distribution.
  • Higher transfer efficiency and equivalent yield to OEM toner to reduce printing cost.
Advantages of Using Palmotone Toner
  • Reduces environmental footprint of your business, thus making your remanufacturing operations even greener.
  • Invest in a green toner. Invest in creating a better place for the community.
  • Achieve excellent print quality, comparable to petroleum-based toner, without  compromising on the well-being of the environment;
  • Enhances corporate image by offering recycled cartridges filled with eco-friendly toner.
Our Eco-friendly Palmotone Toner Cartridges is also remanufactured with up to 75% recycled components, thoroughly engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All our ink and toner cartridges are backed by 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

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