Monday, September 30, 2013

Eco-Friendly Features of HP Laser Printers

HP laser printers are known in the market as reliable, versatile and fast printing equipment that is able to deliver excellent quality printouts that are perfect for business documents and printouts. But aside from their advanced features, Hewlett-Packard is also know for generating and looking ways on how to incorporate eco-friendly features in their laser printers.

One of the most popular eco-friendly feature that HP introduced to its laser printers is the Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology "which save energy by turning on your HP LaserJet printer or MFP on when you need it and off when you don't. When you’re ready to print, scan, fax or copy again, HP Instant-on Technology puts the device to work right away to save the warm up power and time that other devices waste."

  • You Can Access Your HP Printer's Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology Through...
  1. HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) - lets you configure HP Auto-On/Auto-Off from any networked computer 
  2. with a web browser.
  3. HP Print Console - runs from the desktop of your PC.
  4. Control panel - offers easy access to settings from the front panel of your device.
  • How to Access HP Printer's Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology via HP Embedded Web Server 
  1. In your web browser’s address field, enter your 
  2. device’s IP address (for example, 
  3.; this can be located by 
  4. printing a configuration page). 
  5. Select the System Tab
  6. Select the PowerSave Setup sub-menu on the left 
  7. side of the page. This displays the Power Console.
  8. Set your Sleep, Auto-On, and Auto-Off 
  9. preferences.
  10. The power meter on the right provides an estimation 
  11. of the level of energy consumption at the current 
  12. settings. When the arrow drops below the line, the 
  13. device is configured for its lowest power mode.
  • How to Access HP Printer's Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology via the Control Panel
    1. The control panel provides the same capabilities as the HP EWS Power Console and the HP Print Console, but is organized in a number of menu structures. Menu layout and selection process will vary by product, but the same basic content will be available in all devices with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology.

    By following these steps, you can easily access your HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology and set it up on your own accord. The HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology is surely a great innovation for users to start caring about the carbon footprint their laser printers cause and do something about it.

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