Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Little Printer from BERG Cloud

We've known of future printer concept in the market that offers minimalist design and advanced technology, but we have never seen something as cute and compact as the Little Printer from BERG Cloud. And the fact that it is already out in the market has its plus point.

The BERG Cloud is a technological company that has been developing and inventing future compact products since 2005, aiming to be "the world’s friendliest and most complete platform for connected devices." The Little Printer is a concept they started to develop and create to serve as a "delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home." With the use of your smartphone or tablet, you can subscribe to over 160 free publications and the Little Printer can gather them into a timely miniature newspaper that can be printed at the push of a button.

The Little Printer Features:
  • 160+ Free Publications
  • Pictures & Messaging
  • Four fun characters
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to set up
  • No Wifi configuration
  • Inkless thermal printer
  • BPA free paper
It is a very compact (referring to it's adorable size), inkless (which means it doesn't use any ink cartridges) and thermal printer that works through wireless connection to the web through the BERG Cloud Bridge. It comes also with Ethernet Cable, Bridge Power, Power Head and Thermal Paper. According to BERG Cloud, the Little Printer, "is constructed in high-gloss injection moulded plastic. A brushed steel faceplate keeps the paper running smoothly, framing the content as it arrives. It was both nominated for both Icon Magazine and the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year award."

To set up the Little Printer, all you have to do is following these easy steps from BERG Cloud official page for the Little Printer:
  • Step 1 - Plug the Bridge into your home router and a power, supply using the cables provided. After 60 seconds the top three lights on the Bridge will illuminate and the bottom light will flash.
  • Step 2 - Connect Little Printer to power; the white light on top will flash until a wireless connection with the Bridge has been made. When the light begins to pulse gently, the first delivery is ready to print.
  • Step 3 - Press the black button to print the delivery. This is a registration code, which is used to connect Little Printer to your BERG Cloud account.
  • Step 4 - Sign in or create an account at Remote. Enter the registration code to connect Little Printer to your account. Personalise Little Printer and choose publications to print!
If you're interested in buying the Little Printer, you can check this page out: http://uk-shop.bergcloud.com/

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