Monday, March 3, 2014

HP 4500 Laser Toner Cartridges Maintenance Tips

HP 4500 laser toner cartridges is a set of laser toner cartridges that consist of 4 laser toners including HP C4191A black toner, HP C4192A cyan toner, HP C4193A yellow toner and HP C4194A magenta toner for HP Color 4500 and HP 4550 series including HP Color 4500, HP Color 4500dn, HP Color 4500n, HP Color 4550, HP Color 4550dn, HP Color 4550hdn and HP Color 4550n. And if you’re using one of these printers then it is prudent for you to know the basic maintenance procedures regarding your HP 4500 laser toner cartridges to keep your machine working properly.

The following procedures are from HP Support Center and are provided for their printer users to have ease in working with their machines. And cut the hassles in having to spend money calling technicians to fix simple problems with their printers.

Toner Dusting

Toner dusting refers to a situation where the toner powder seems to be anywhere inside your printer’s
component when you open the cover of your printer. This will not cause any print defects and it normally happens since the print cartridges will leak small amounts of toner during normal use as they rotate in the carousel. When this happens, it is recommended that users clean toner dust from the toner flap area and check the toner collection tray on a regular basis. To do this, here are the following steps:
  • Step 1 - Open the back door of the printer.
  • Step 2 - Remove the fuser.
  • Step 3 - Remove the toner collection tray. The toner collection tray is a small black tray that sits directly behind the fuser.  The black tab that must be pulled down to remove the tray.
  • Step 4 - Look for piles of toner in the tray and below the tray in the feeder assembly.

Toner leaks

A toner leaks happens when the printer dumps a large amount of toner from your cartridge in a short amount of time. This is different from toner dusting and will usually cause by a broken seal in the print cartridge. To prevent this from happening, HP recommends that users should check the toner collection tray on a regular basis. If users notice toner leaking early, it will not turn into a serious problem. Moreover, cleaning and regular maintenance will lead to early detection of damaged cartridges. To fix this problem, replace the defective cartridge at once.

Cleaning the printer and accessories

Another way to maintain the quality of your HP 640A laser toner cartridges is to clean the printer and other
accessories. Here are the following procedures on how to clean the respective parts of your printer as stated by HP Support Center:
  • Outside covers: Use a water-dampened cloth. Do not use solvents or ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Inside – general: With a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe any dust, spilled toner, and paper particles from the paper path area, the registration roller, and the print cartridge cavity.
  • Paper pickup, feed, and separation rollers: Use a water-dampened, lint-free cloth.
  • Separation pad and registration roller: Use a dry, lint-free cloth
  • Transfer roller: Use a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not touch the roller with fingers.
  • Fuser: Use a water-dampened, lint-free cloth.

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