Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Change Toner Cartridges on Samsung CLP-320 Printer

This article show the step-by-step instructions on how to change the toner cartridges on Samsung CLP-320.

Step 1 - Turn your printer's power switch off and unplug the power adaptor.

Step 2 - Open the top cover to reveal the toner cartridge assembly. From there you'll see the colors that represents YMCK which means Y for Yellow, M for Magenta, C for Cyan, and K for black.

Step 3 - This printer do not require any release button. simply grasp both ends and slide the cartridge straight out. do this to all other cartridges until you take them all out. put the cartridges aside.

Step 4 - Unpack the replacement Samsung toner cartridges with part numbers CLT-K407S, CLT-C407S, CLT-M407S, CLT-Y407S. Remove any packing covers or protective sheets.

Step 5 - Insert each cartridge into the machine. Make sure that you insert the right colors of toner cartridges with the colors on the machine. Push it in until you hear it clicked into place.

Step 6 - Close the front cover firmly, plugged the power cord back in and turn on the printer.

The printer will then now self test. Wait for the printer to recognize the new toner cartridges. When ready, a blue and yellow bar will light up. Print a test page and you're good to go.

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