Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Clean a Laser Printer Safely

Cleaning a laser printer is very simple and should be done at least once a month to maintain its condition and performance. By following the instructions below, you will learn how to clean your laser printer efficiently.

Things you need:
A can of compressed air
All purpose cleaner or Isoprophyl alcohol
Small brush
Screw driver
Soft cloth
Paper scrap
Rubber gloves

Follow these steps to proceed:

Step 1 - Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable. Wear your gloves to avoid mess. Note that caution parts are hot after operating. be very careful and let the machine cool down for 5-10 minutes before you start.

Step 2 - Remove the paper tray. Open the front cover and remove the cartridges out of the printer. Put it down on paper scrap and do not interfere to avoid toner spillage.

Step 3 - Using compressed air or brush, remove the dusts off from certain areas inside the printer.

Step 4 - Some models like Brother, HP, and Samsung printers have drum units aside from toner cartridges. Check the drum unit first because this is where you do get problems. See if there are contaminants that will affect your printer. Use the brush until all dirt comes off. Do not touch the roller (green one). This part is very sensitive and can seriously damage prints. Repeat the process in all other toners.

Step 5 - Put the drum unit and cartridges back into the printer and close the front cover.

Step 6 - On the front part of the printer where the paper tray is positioned, just remove off any dust and give it a good clean. Now, there is a component that you really need to worry about; The roller part. Just push it down, hold the soft cloth underneath and rub across to clean as you rotate the roller. You don't want to build up dusts on the roller otherwise it will not pickup the paper you want to feed. Put the paper tray back inside and close the front panel once you're done.

Step 7 - On the back part of the printer, remove the screws and the back cover off. Keep it absolutely clean by gently wiping with soft cloth and some little brush. Contaminants may cause paper jams or other printing issues. Clean the ribs and rollers. remove any bits of paper and give it a good clean. Reinstall the back cover and put the screws back in.

Step 8 - Check the printer all together to ensure all parts are reinstalled properly. Plug the power cable back in and turn on the printer.

Do a test print and you're good to go. Put these steps into practice and enjoy worry-free printing.

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