Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Replace Toner Cartridges on Dell Color Laser 3310cn Printer

Learn how to replace the toner cartridges on Dell Color Laser 3310cn printer by following these simple steps:

Things you need:

Replacement Dell Color Laser 3310cn Toner Cartridges 310-8092, 310-8094, 310-8098, 310-8096 (Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta)

Step 1 - To begin with, you'll start by pushing the button on the right side of the machine. This open the front cover and allows you to access the toner cartridge assembly.

Step 2 - Remove the toner cartridge one by one. Hold the toner handle on both sides and gently pull the cartridge out of the machine.

Step 3 - Unpack the new toner cartridge with part # 310-8092, 310-8094, 310-8098, 310-8096 (Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) and remove the orange protective plastic shield from each cartridge. Do not touch the shutter or any surface of the roller. This will affect the print quality or may cause toner spill.

Step 4 - Hold the toner handle and gently slide it back into the machine until you hear it clicked into place. Do it with all other cartridges.

Step 5 - Close the front cover and wait for the machine to recognize the new toner cartridge.

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