Monday, November 23, 2015

Do You Need to Change Your Printer Laser Drum Unit?

Laser printers are considered to be the best printing partners for big businesses or printing works. With all the benefits that these machines have over the inkjet printers, getting one for yourself if you print a lot can be helpful. However, laser toner cartridges are not the only printer consumables needed by a laser printer to work. You also have to purchase a laser drum unit that is basically the partner of the printer cartridges.

But what if your laser drum unit starts to act in a weird way; is it time to replace it? Well, here are the right signs for you to know that your drum cartridge finally needs replacement.
  • Dull Printing

When your prints start to look duller, this is a sign that your drum cartridge is losing its toners. Check which of the toners is about to get consumed then purchase a replacement for it.
  • Blank Pages

This is the worst case of printing that can happen you are in a rush. If your paper comes out empty after hitting that print button, it’s about time you check your online printer supplies store and place an order immediately.
  • Weird Sounds

Your printer starts making those weird sounds that you do not recognize and then you’ll begin to worry. It can be a serious problem or your machine is just telling you that the drum cartridge is already damaged and you need to get a new one.

These are just some of those ways to know that you have to buy a drum cartridge for replacement, but keep in mind that a specific printer can give other signs as well.

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