Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Steps to Reset Imaging Drum HP Q3964A in HP 2550 Laser Printer

Own an HP 2550 Laser Printer? Then perhaps, you have encountered a problem wherein your printer doesn't recognized its new imaging drum, well if you did, then you should definitely know how to reset its imaging drum, the HP Q3964A, by just following these steps.

Steps to Reset Imaging Drum HP Q3964A in HP 2550 Laser Printer
  • Step 1 - Ensure that all printer cartridges and the drum are installed.
  • Step 2 - Turn off the power button of the HP 2550 laser printer.
  • Step 3 - Hold the Green GO Button
  • Step 4 - Turn on the power button of your HP 2550 Laser Printer.
  • Step 5 - The 3 lights above the green GO button and below the red CANCEL button will go ON (in no particular order) and then OFF (this will happen quickly, under 10 seconds, but may vary).
  • Step 6 - As soon as the 3 lights are off - release the green GO button -- (the important thing here is not to miss when all of the three lights turn off and be ready to release the GO button and to proceed with the next step. You may have as little as 5 seconds. If you wait too long some of the lights will go back ON and you will have to start over.)
  • Step 7 - Immediately, press and hold the red cancel button.
  • Step 8 - Then press and hold cartridge selection button.
  • Step 9 - Quickly, release both red cancel button and cartridge select button.
  • Step 10 - Wait for the HP 2550 Laser Printer initialize the command, then try some print test to see if the printer is working fine.
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