Monday, November 9, 2015

Types of Recycled Toners

Recycled toners have different types. There are three types of recycled toners:

1. Premium Compatible Toner

This is the highest grade of recycled toners. It is called “premium” because the toner cartridge has been used only once. The manufacturer has also replaced all critical parts, up to 80% of its parts are replaced. The most commonly-replaced parts are the drum, wiper blades, seals and rollers. A premium recycled toner’s hopper is filled with electronically measured premium toner. After filling it with toner, the cartridge is then sealed and sent for shipment and selling.

Premium-grade toners are manufactured in ISO-certified manufacturing plants so you are assured that the quality assurance measures are at par. A percentage of each batch is tested before releasing them for shipping or selling. All premium toner cartridges are guaranteed to meet or even exceed the specifications of new OEM cartridges. They also compete well with their OEM counterparts especially in terms of print quality, longevity and consistency.

The expected failure rate for premium recycled toners is less than 1 % since these are almost the same as new OEM cartridges.

2. Value Recycled Toner

This type of toner is usually sold by re-sellers. Manufacturers would open up the original toner hoppers, clean and refill it with toner. The other parts are also cleaned and only those which are still good enough for re-use are reused. Impaired or malfunctioning components of the cartridge are replaced.

Reliable manufacturers can give you clean and non-leaking value recycled toners but still consumers are warned to check on the credibility of the manufacturers first before making a purchase because this might leak if the cartridge is not re-assembled. Expected failure rate for value recycled toner is between 3% to 5%.

3. Remanufactured Toners

Remanufactured toners are also referred to as “drill and fill” because crude methods of remanufacturing toners involve the drilling of a hole in a used empty toner cartridge hopper. It is then patched or covered after refilling it with toner.

Remanufactured toners are a whole lot cheaper.

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